Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Why is Feminism anything but feminine?
 The problem is that most feminist broads don’t look feminine, but rather they look like Pete Rose after a bad nine innings. Okay, I get it. You are all rebelling against “male imposed norms”; I guess being hot is one of them. But I got news for you, all you are rebelling against is looking like a woman. In a weird way, feminists are woman haters. If you hate men so much then why the fuck do you try so hard to look like one. I mean some of you butchy fem-core broads walk around with a tighter fade than mine? Geez! Would it kill you to look good, or at the very least, lady-like? Wash and comb your hair maybe? Nice little skirt? Why not a totally hot lacey lavender bra or some Brazilian butt lift jeans to hike up those little activist asses? No? Okay, keep looking like Pete Rose then.

Lilith. A real feminist icon
There are very few people who know this, but before Adam shed a rib to help God create Eve, he was coupled with an unholy little firebrand named Lilith. 
Lilith is unknown to most because her legend was omitted from the King James’ version of the bible. I speculate that you may probably find references made to her in the apocryphal texts. Mention of Lilith is clearly made, however, in the Babylonian Talmud and other Mesopotamian texts , and in the context therein it is believed she is the Supreme deity of a certain class of female demons. Her legend may have spawned the mythological creatures which we now know in modern day as the succubi.  Here’s the way it went down with horny-ass Lily, as told by the channeled ghost of the legendary poet pimp Iceberg Slim... 

"Lookie here now, so Lilith is Adam’s first wife. One day as he’s pounding her poon in boring old missionary position, this wild horny little she-demon says “Let’s mix it up a little bit, Big A! Let me ride you now motherfucker.” Adam, who was not yet seeing the future visions of a plethora of sexual positions denied Lilith’s request, angering her to no end. In an act of rebellion, she ran off into the wilderness and once there legend has it that she mated with someone who can really lay down the pipe, the archangel/demon Samael. “Yea Bitch, you can be on top, on bottom, anywhere you want, so long as you just let me blow up that good ass earth pussy” Samael said. Spoken like a true player. He put it down on her little ol' country ass. Man, that nigga' rocked her sideways, up ways, down ways, upside down ways. He smacked it, flipped it, rubbed it down and called it a day. When the smoke cleared, Lilith was cast forth from Eden (becoming an early pagan occult icon) and mankind became one rib lighter to make Eve. Now ask yourself this... What would’ve been of us, meaning mankind, had our great granddaddy times a hundred had just let that crazy bitch ride the meat like a mechanical bull?"

Thanks, Ice. I'll take it from here...

That Lilith, she must have been something! Tremendo Fucking Palo! Forget about the assumed fact that back then vagina-scaping was not a common practice. Also eliminate, the notion that being out in the wilderness probably didn’t help the aroma. Think about it... it was the Garden of Eden stupid! It was paradise. Foul vaginal odor did not exist yet, and neither did excessive pubic hair. These things, according to the Bible, came after the fall from grace as part of the punishment package, along with menstruation and labor pains. In essence, Lilith was the bearer of the very first piece of pristine trim! Now take into account that she was the one suggesting bold new techniques. This demon slut was a pioneer of doing the nasty, not afraid to boldly go where Adam had not dared to venture. Had our great grandpa times a hundred played his cards right he would’ve been doing anal by Genesis chapter 6. You know Samael had to have knocked the Eden dust off of that ass!

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