Thursday, March 22, 2012

Doing Mushrooms is Black Metal as Fuck!
No, seriously. Here is a quick little anthropology lesson to those of you who could care less…
The Vikings of Scandinavia were partakers of the Fly Agaric, a species of hallucinogenic mushrooms. It has been determined by anthropologists that they would eat the funky fungi prior to their  campaigns because the psychoactive effects of the Psilocybin variant particular to these mushrooms would whip them up into a killing, raping and pillaging frenzy…

In fact, the term ’berserk’ actually derives from the Vikings' blood thirsty psychedelic drug rage. Berserk is actually a Nordic compound word. ‘Ber’ means bear and ‘Serk’ means skin. The bear skin obviously refers to the typical garment associated with the Vikings. Clearly our modern day use of this term stems from the people of pagan lore, who associated the destruction wrought by those lovable horned-helmet rascals with their snazzy couture! Still think I’m making it up? OK, check out DRUGS, SOCIETY AND HUMAN BEHAVIOR by Oakley S. Ray, Ph D., and then come back to me so I can split you in two with my battle axe while wearing a ber serk and listening to Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit.”

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