Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Miami's legendary Stormtroopers of crust-infested ultra-violence release full length...

Mehkago N.T.
Massive Fucking Head Wounds
To Live a Lie Records
Never in the portion of Miami hard music history that I have lived through (Damn near two decades bitch!) has there been a local band that can equal to the violently hateful power of the mighty Mehkago N.T. I myself on every occasion that I have seen them live have endured severe chemical changes in my brain thus sending me back to my primal reptilian self, resulting in the unleashing of some fucked up salivating beast gone rampant in the pit, freed from some cruel torturous imprisonment in my subconscious mind. I'm not exaggerating...
I remember an early weekday show which they played at the Polish American Club Hall on 22nd avenue, where I was literally foaming at the mouth with eyes bulging from their sockets as my arms flailed wildly in demonic rage. Except for my self, he pit was barren, as all of the poser posse stood flanked around the perimeter of my personal killing field, frozen in fear from the sight of a madman undergoing severe psychosis. The 'Hot Topics' catalog models in attendance that night knew that entering the pit with me in it meant sealing their fates...

My memory now flashes back to the summer of 2006, probably the best summer of my life, as Berman and I (and an unhygienic yet rabidly enthusiastic platoon of crusty new faces) destroyed numerous living rooms in squat-type haciendas where MEHKAGO played many of their early gigs, during the rash of Miami house shows that year.  

Ah, what fun! Throwing kids across living rooms while punching and kicking holes through drywall! And as all of this bedlam is going on, a soundtrack for psychopathy was emanating from the craziest crew of rag-tag misfits ever assembled in the name of destroying things musically! 

At the helm of this crew, is Harold “Dirty Harry” Bosch, alias Miami Harold, alias The Raging Rhino. Not to blow smoke up his ass, but the son of a bitch is a goddamn genius. Let’s take inventory of his musical trajectory. In the early 90’s, he brought Miami THE SOUTHEAST FIRM, an Oi/Street punk band and  also ofcourse, the mighty OUT OF SPITE, a straight up Miami style Hardcore band that although never got to see any recognition outside of the home field, their  “Representing the Real” demo was the defining (and recording of early to mid-90s Miami hardcore (alongside ANGER’s seminal “Miami, Florida” album of course). They later did a 7” for Back Ta Basics Records (which is amazing) and then fizzled out. Fast forward to the turn of the century and he brought us DNME. As the Miami scene was just about to wither and die, the Dirty One injected it back to life with a 5cc dose of Adrenochrome with this band that would not pick up where OOS left off; but rather bring new fresh concepts to the table while still keeping true to the integrity of raw hardcore music. DNME would see the release of a now cult demo called “the Arrival” and an album titled “Last of a Dying Breed”, then the band broke up.

 Fast forward once more to 2006. High On Fire was booked to play live at Churchill’s Hideaway Pub, the opening act…MEHKAGO N.T.

I pulled an old Miami fast one that night... I acted like their roadie to get in for free, a time honored Miami tradition for inner circle scenesters. From that first show, I was instantly possessed by the power of this band. So it was obviously sad for me to see them dissolve early last year. 

Massive Fucking Head Wounds is Mehkago N.T.’s post-Mortem release, so here’s the obituary... bitch!

The joint opens up with Body Snatchers, setting off the mental riot with their trademark ‘Neanderthal on crystal-meth’ onslaught. I like the sick drum-roll/mini-blast in between measures that pop off at about 0:28 right before the song culminates in a brutal grind nightmare, comparable only to the hospitable sounds of machine-gun fire in downtown Beirut. Total estimated time of destruction: 54 seconds. It took 54 seconds to kick my fucking ears in with hate! Left to Rot comes in, kind of reminding me off that old UK crew ONSLAUGHT, but with Winstrol-injected testicles a la P-Dubs vocals. Track 3, titled Void, I find particular interesting. Besides the fact that it starts with a sample clip of my favorite Cheech and Chong character ( It's Curtis, baby!), the jam goes back and forth between old style Miami hardcore groove into a full on crust blast that sounds like an M-60 shooting unholy rail road spikes through your black metal breast plate. Strictly Stock is next, condemning fashion-core to the max. As does the song Crustfund Youth, a couple of tracks down. “Complaining every day, while you have it fucking made, people are trying to feed themselves, while you struggle to show the world your rebel image”. That’s it. Pure Genius! Cut out the filler, here’s the truth in 5 stanzas. You heard the man, go die you fucking posers! Can somebody please award P-Dub with a Pulitzer Prize for those pearls of wisdom? Crustfund is followed by my favorite cut, track 8 titled Al Desguello! More trademark Miami stomping shit, uncut and unfiltered! Check out the sick sounding grunt/growl at 0:38 which makes the whole fucking song for me. 

Tremenda Cagason is next, which extols the bands mission statement/philosophy “Ya que nos cagamos, ahora comanse el mojon” (rough translation: Now that we have shit ourselves, it's time for you to eat the load) Even though it slightly gets lost in translation, you must admit, Fucking Shakespearean lyrics! Greyman closes out the joint with a 1:40 assault that packs enough power to make any true  fan commit suicide once they realize that the closing of that track is MEHKAGO’s farewell/fuck you to the world. 

That’s a sad thought!

Another seminal Miami band, come and gone, without reaching its full capabilities of mass destruction!

 Farewell my friends, this is Siafu number 1, honorary band member and your official hype-man thanking you for the blinding rages of violence that you guys incited within me during live sets. If I go out in a blaze of glory, I promise, MEHKAGO N.T. will be the background music, and I will be wearing my custom made MEHKAGO N.T. basketball jersey (the only one in existence) while doing so. 

War before Peace,
Pig Latin

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