Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ian Mackaye is an idiot!
What a self serving tool!

Regardless of the fact that MINOR THREAT was one of my very first pieces of hardcore bread and butter, and ignoring that FUGAZI is still to this day one of my favorite bands, the truths are self evident...
Ian is a pompous, arrogant, self serving douche. He is so not over himself! It’s amazing to me how hardcore has been the catalyst for nerds to grasp on to a pseudo-celebrity status. The DC punk scene could not have nominated a better figurehead to converge under. He bares all the qualities reminiscent of that musical community. I generally think that DC was the breeding ground of snobbish political correctness within Punk. The so-called "Georgetown Punks" probably cast the template for future PC thugs to come, such as anyone in a CRASS t-shirt that has ever begged for a dollar on Gilman Street in Berkely. The only difference, of course, is that Ian and his contemporaries never pan-handled.... they had allowances!

I guess that egg-head superiority is the usual Modus Operandi of any music scene populated by well-to-do suburbanites from fine arts private schools; most of which were the privileged offspring of politicians, journalists and faculty of the countries administration. A hardcore scene built from suburban soft-core kids.

Wow, I just deciphered a correlation here. If you think about it, the straight edge movement drank it’s Similac from the baby bottles of the bourgeoisie? Whoa, that’s some INSIDE EDITION shit right there. Look at me becoming an investigative reporter, I’m getting teary!

This prick is so politically correct that he makes Janeane Garofolo look like Anne Coulter. Asides from that, this guy has been known to stop shows if people start going off, or “moshing” if you will (though I’d rather you didn’t) during FUGAZI sets. What an ass-face!
Hey pecker-head, I paid my cover charge to see you, that makes you my employee, so just shut the fuck up and play the tunes so I can punch a couple of my friends in the face and have a good time, dig? Get over yourself guy!

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