Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Reality TV is mental Gonorreah!!!
So, my wife and I share one TV in our household. All of you married gentlemen out there know what that means. You pretty much end up having to watch whatever you're better-half feels like. Well, I have to snap! I've been filled to the brim with piss and vinegar...
So, I've invited my dear friend, ShitStorm skins-man Rick "The Devil's Metronome" Smith to crank out a blast beat while I drop some lyrics on your asses on the topic of Reality TV...

Alright Rick, let's do this shit...
Reality TV is fucking shit, it makes my asshole want to spit, I think im gonna lose my mind, time to slaughter you TV swine,
Real World and  Road Rules douchebags and sluts, Real Housewives are malignant cunts, tattoo shows are pussy as fuck, Kim Kardashian is just a fucking mutt, 
The Bachelor is a dickhead I’ll fill his face up with scars, mosh you pansies to death on Dancing with the Stars,  Tila Tequila has Gonorreah she got it from fucking dogs, Americas Next Top Model can get impaled on my meat log,
American Idol is so fucking whack, I’ll charge you with a frozen black metal attack, Randy Jackson what a fucking douche, squeeze his fat head till his entrails ooze,
Reality TV can lick my bung, from where a bloody stool has hung, I want to vomit on my fucking TV, you’re infecting my eyes with HIV. 
Reality TV can give me a wipe, after dropping a deuce studded with corn and blood stripes,  I declare brutal unholy Satanic war on all you attention starved jerk-offs, meat-heads and whores

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