Monday, April 2, 2012

Journey to Lysergic Spiritual Dimensions...
I'm off to see the wizard... the wonderful wizard of God!

I went on another one of my mystical journeys. This one was aboard the star-ship Psylocybin. Upon my return, I couldn't wait to report to my loyal servants on all the wonders I had seen in the inner cosmos. Unfortunately, the bulk of my notes are rather nonsensical and probably only make sense either in the moment of conception or under the state hallucinogenic influence. I salvaged two entries, but I myself can't make heads or tails of them....

This one I wrote down on my ascent upwards. The psilocybin had just knocked on my sub-conscious' dressing room door and said "Let's go, it's showtime, we got 5 minutes till we're on..."     

Gliding the purple dragon-ship through dense green haze, Nibiru comes trailing through making its cosmic way.
 Pierce through the dead star’s dilating eye... our galaxy explodes and lights the crimson sky. 
While wielding the axe of epic doom, I decipher the divine geometry of my ancient tomb. 
Tie-dye  cosmos stains the surface of the moon. Brace yourselves for aeons about to wind down soon.

Electric priests of Saturn’s third ring, nibble on the Eucharist of invisible flight...
Bearing the secret of pitch black light, they gather in secret under the fall of  night.
 The final fear crawling up my spine as their oracles prophesy the fall of time. Sands of the millennial glass return from whence they fell, Lucifer ascends from whence he fell...
Leading Venus as both they soar over Earth, their laughter swells as our world turns to hell, fulfilling the ancient curse.
Intergalactic caravan blazing through space, to build a new temple upon Jupiter’s moon base.
 Enlightened prophets of the sacred double helix crypt, 
 keepers of the shrine that house the ancient secret texts...

(Dude, that was so stoner-doom!)   

But then, I peaked, and everything just went downhill from there (philosophically speaking, I still had a blast!) I just ceased to be coherent in any intelligible way...

The following are excerpts from voice recordings. I could no longer focus enough to use hand-eye coordination at this point. This is the recorded segment from that phase of the trip that made the most sense, though hardly...

“No one can rot as beautifully as Eye, the couch eats me slowly...
 Is this where I’ll die? 
In between these folds like a green polyester, non-hypoallergenic vagina full of loose change.
 Fuck it, my arms are like branches man and I can just stick them both out the vagina-couch’s labias and just regenerate man it’s not that strange! Isn’t that beautiful man? 
Vaya primo, que rica son las drogas, tremendo arrebato, DRO-GA! DRO-GA! DRO-GA! Mira que basilon los munequitos!
No one can regenerate as beautifully as I! 
Oh my god, I am the sun! 
No way bro, I am the fucking god damn motherfucking sun of the universal orb of...
  What the fuck am I talking about bro? 
 Oh yea, the sun...
And so, If I indeed am the sun, the one to brighten your fun, at least for some, then let me shine rays of light and knowledge from beyond...
 The key to wisdom is this-PA LA PINGA!
 Fucking Fuck It Bro, Thats It... not even playing around!
 Practice this mantra in level 9 of psychedelic transcendence-
Om, Pa La Pinga, Om
 Om, Pa La Pinga, Om
Om, Pa La Pinga, Om…
You shall see my child. 
You shall see.
 This mantra is the key to being happy when shit is crappy…
Wait… what? 
That’s my shit bro, Kasmir by Led Zeppelin, Clouds will dance now cause that’s what they do when this jam permeates...
 Robert Plant wore blouses and had feminine mannerisms but he  entered many pink flesh portals because that nigga said what?
 He said PA LA PINGA...
Jimmy Page bought Aleister Crowleys crib, Why?, because the nigga  said PA LA PINGA...
 Zeppellin was HUGE in Cuba!
 You know what else is big en CUBITA LINDA? Saying PA LA PINGA!!!! 

That’s the seed of knowledge kid! 
That’s the wisdom of the ancients right there! 
Yo the economy collapsed! 
The reply: PA LA PINGA!  
Fuck, A hurricane is coming! 
Drugs kill brain cells...
 It’s simple isn’t it? 
That’s why I am the Universal Guru!
 Doesn’t make sense to you?
 Fuck it! 
You know why?
  Cause I’m tripping uber-balls...
 so you know what 
 PA LA PINGA Consorte’! 
Attention Psychology majors and Timothy Leary-esque psychedelic psycho-nauts: Feel free to weigh in if you can decypher what my subconscious mind was screaming at me... 

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