Monday, April 2, 2012

New Merchandise from 
Penetration Records!!!

PENETRATION RECORDS, the world’s first all Gay hardcore, punk and metal label is proud to introduce its 2012 releases:
PENETRATION Records are celebrating their 10th anniversary of pumping you with Man-Core by re-issuing the long out of print legendary homo-core album CRO-FAGS "THE RAGE OF DARRYL". Hot, sweaty, shirtless construction worker hardcore influenced by COCKsparrer, COCKney Rejects, Revolting COCKs, Joe COCKer, BuzzCOCKs, and The DICKies. 

Also out now, further proving that Skinheads are all truly latent homosexuals, 

And Cumming soon:

All of these records are exclusively available through:
Penetration Records, where the boys come to play!

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