Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I sent a copy of Tales of Perversion Fanzine Volume 2 to Decibel Magazine early last year to be reviewed by Kevin Stewart Panko in his column ZINE POLICE, and I’m pleased to say that the rag received a rave review. So, finally, we can add another z-list celebrity endorsement to the list. That makes it, um, let me see, oh yea, two. The first of course is that of our favorite Reality TV sperm storage tank, Robear of tattoo reality mind-fuck NY Ink.
So, here it is, another rave review, and this one is from a far more credible nobody. So without any further delay, here is what DECIBEL Magazine had to say about your favorite Zine, Tales of Perversion, Satan’s used toilet paper... 

engaging, and F’in hilarious Kevin Stewart Panko (May 2012 issue)

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