Wednesday, May 9, 2012

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Rave Reviews
Here's what some of the most discriminating critics have said after reading
 Tales of Perversion Zine/Blog...

“…the greatest zine of all time, bar none!”
      Pig Latin

"I want a fucking divorce!"
     My Wife

This is truly Satan’s used toilet paper, and that excites me in a naughty way!
   Reverend Ted Haggard

“This is glorious, kid. This is the epic hammer of glorious doom right here. Te la comiste mi hermano
            Harold “Dirty Harriet” Bosch

I should have had an abortion.
          My mother

But without a doubt, the greatest Z-list De-Lebrity endorsement we could have ever prayed for comes from that lovable, oily, 
tattooed sperm-whale... 
Chico, you like a Boricua Nosferatu 
Robear, of Reality TV mind-fuck NY Ink.
 So thanks to the power of modern communications, our old buddy Ro-Boar caught wind of my "Fuck Ami" rant. Needless to say, the tempestuous Puerto-Rican version of the 'MAD What Me Worry' kid went all berserk over the piece, which I'm proud to say was posted on Chris Torres' Facebook page. I have to be honest, I don't know what he got all bloody around the rim for, he got off easier than any of the other numb-nuts on that snore-fest show. All I said was that he was fat, gay (which isn't an insult), and wore a lot of HOLE merch. Buddy, you came out virtually unscathed. Meanwhile, I'm sitting here wishing that Ami would get called back in service to Israel in order to get blown up by an over zealous Quickie Mart franchisee, so why is Ro-Blubber the one to get all ruffled up? Still, I find him particularly annoying, and so his discomfort and rage made a menacing grin curl across my face. Man, the internet is some cool shit! Anyways, here's the scorching rebuttal from Ro-Bitch, on Chris Torres Facebook page I think:

  "Excuse me asswipe? "From the fat Puerto Rican gay guy with the endless slew of Hole merchandise (seriously, who the fuck listens to Hole anyway?) YOU KNOW NOTHING and are a JEALOUS GHETTO POSER who has nothing better to do than write shit about things and people you don't even know!! GET A LIFE!!! Seriously bro, if you had any balls, you would come and say this shit to our faces and then we'll see what would happen! No offense Chris, I know you have your fans and we ourselves have no beef but for this CRACKHEAD to write smack about me in his wanna be blog is so low class and full of hate that it's pathetic!!!!!!! See you soon Chris for that tat you owe me!!! Hahahahahah! But seriously we are doing something! Peace Torres! Good RIDDANCE to this waste half life of a guy! KEEP me out of your bullshit Johnson, you are nothing but the douchebag and dickhead here bro! It's one thing to hate on Ami for whatever reasons you guys have but leave me out of this asshole! Thanks and have a great day! Woo-hooooooooooo!!!!"

Low-Class and full of Hate!

 I love it!

Tales of Perversion. Low class and full of hate!

Sounds like a slogan to me!!! 

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