Friday, August 2, 2013

Got Big Girls That Need Some Lovin’ Too?

Get them on a plane to Miami pronto, muchachos!!!

(We take really good care of them gals over here…)

Worldwide Travel Tours

We are promoting our new winter special for all you sexy big girls who are looking to get away to a paradise where you won’t be judged for plentiful, meaty curves!
Come visit the beautiful, the sexy, and oh-so horny…

OK, admittedly, Miami is a total smorgasbord of douche-baggery and superficiality. Granted! Now having said that, Miami is a city where our animal Latino lust has not been tainted by America/Hollywood’s imposed norms of what constitutes beauty and sex appeal. The idiosyncrasy shared by most of us ‘Horny Julios’ down here is that bigger girls are A-OK! There ain’t nothing wrong with a little bit of baby fat! Come see for yourselves this bizarre-o world where skinny broads get second billing to a big ol’ Amazonian Whore-Horse (like a war-horse, but for fucking, not for fighting.)
Stop going to cheesy resorts where you feel self-conscious about unveiling that robust body… Come to Miami, and let the rolls enjoy the rays as by the water your fat ass lays!

-Have you got ten/twenty extra pounds lodged around your ass and thighs?
We like that down here! We call it Masa (dough), and we love to knead our Masa in the Magic City!

Winter Special! $1,000 per night!
Come stay at the Tales of Perversion Inn (my garage), and be taken to a world of chubby pig lust!!!

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