Friday, March 8, 2013

Congratulations are in order to
Issues # 3 and #4
Miami's legendary Bible of Obsessive Repulsive Disorder receives more accolades from DECIBEL Magazine!!!

Okay... Seriously, what the fuck is going on? This is the second time that Decibel reviews one of my Zines and I can seemingly do no wrong by them. To read their highly favorable review of my Misanthropaganda (copyright), one might think that I had naked pictures of Kevin Stewart Panko from Decibel Magazine engaged in an all out fuck-fest with a couple of farm animals and a Romanian transsexual! As far as this highly credible source of music journalism is concerned... they like me...they really like me!!! And the feeling is mutual! 
Decibel Magazine is the shit, and I'm not just returning the ego stroke! 
Anyways, here is the verbatim joint review of Tales Issues number 3 and 4 by my favorite metal Canuck, zine connoisseur Kevin Stewart Panko from his 'ZINE POLICE' column...

Posted on: Thursday, February 28th, 2013

"And last, but certainly not least comes Tales of Perversion #3 & #4. To say that this is a ‘zine is true in the sense that it includes words and pictures printed on paper, but each issue comes across more and more like the result of creator and head pervert – the charmingly monikered Pig Latin – cracking open his deviant mind, of which he is intensely proud, and spilling it on the page in a flurry of madness. The result is a cut-and-paste monstrosity that’s equal measures repulsive and fucking awesomely entertaining, all depending on your take and how much the 90s PC movement still registers and resonates with you. Fake ads for fake record labels pushing fake bands like Afro-American black metal band Negrophilia, all-gay hardcore band Fisted Youth and all-female extreme metal bands like Brutal Uterus and Goatshoof, stories about PL’s first handjob and working the graveyard shift in a porn shop, clinical breakdowns of his favourite drugs, rants and rages against televised tattoo shops and sports. Heck, there are even a few reviews. There’s a shitload of content and it’s definitely something to leave hanging around on the coffee table when your mother-in-law won’t take the hint and get the fuck out."  

(go see for yourself, bitch ass nigga... check the link!)

Thanks guys. It means a lot! How about you guys give me a fucking column over there already and stop half-blowing me?!


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